Heather Jaques

Heather Jaques joined Alternative Programs for Youth and Families Inc in 2009 as a child and youth care worker in a community-based setting and residential setting. Heather has a diploma from NSCC in Child and Youth Care. In 2016 Heather was promoted to Manager of our Temporary Emergency Arrangement Program.

Heather is passionate about the youth we have in our care and works tirelessly to ensure the highest standard of services are delivered within our places of safety. Heather works collaboratively with social workers, families, and all medical professionals to make sure that our youth in care have all needs met while under our care. Heather feels that all youth need a strong voice and advocate to help them move forward and thrive.

Heather comes from a large family of 8 and has always been passionate about working with youth starting with spending her early years in a swimming pool teaching swimming lessons to youth with varying abilities and lifeguard. Whether volunteering or through employment Heather has tried to always be a part of at risk youths lives and being an advocate when they need it and teaching them how to advocate for themselves in healthy production.