Our History

Alternative Programs for Youth and Families, Inc.

After working in residential settings for many years, Dr. Norman Greenberg and a colleague, began to develop innovative ways to assist at risk youth and families in remaining at home and in their communities.  Alternative Programs for Youth and Families Inc. was established in 1988 and quickly became leaders in developing effective anger management techniques and training models.  These techniques were recognized throughout the province and used by a variety of youth and residential professionals.  

Since that time, Dr. Greenberg and his team, created a wide range of high impact, goal focused, community-based services to engage participants and reduce risk in youth and children and support family preservation.  

Over the course of the past 35 years, these services have evolved to meet the changing needs of the children, youth, families, and communities we serve.  Our longevity is attributed to our professionalism, program development, program impacts, commitment to those we serve, community collaboration, accountability, team development and consistent evaluation.