Residential Services for Youth

Alternative Residential Services for Youth, Inc. (ARSY) provides licensed residential placements and support for individuals with varying abilities.

Residents are referred to our licensed placements by the Department of Community Services. Placements are located in Halifax Regional Municipalility.

ARSY strives to enhance each person’s potential to live, work and socialize within the community in the least restrictive, most inclusive manner. ARSY uses a resident-based relationship approach to the services that we offer.

ARSY Residential Outcomes

  • Children and youth live in a safe home environment that meets their individual needs.
  • Children and youth have the opportunity to be themselves within a caring, family-like environment.
  • Children and youth live in an accepting community which provides appropriate and relevant resources.
  • Children and youth receive quality support from committed staff.
  • Relationships with family, friends and peers are nurtured and maintained.
  • Service providers are culturally supportive and have the knowledge, skills and resources to provide stable and nurturing homes.
  • Children and youth develop by being engaged in programming and
  • feel prepared for the transition into adulthood.


ARSY receives referrals from the Department of Community Services.

One of our Residential Services for Youth placement residences.